About Us

We offer modern fulfillment solutions and support you with the distribution of your products. At the same time, we always take a look outside the box and provide you with the decisive advantage with our service modules.

Briefly described, our merchandise management includes the smooth and documented flow of your goods. This begins with the receipt and storage, the later picking and delivery at your customers up to the handling of complaints.

With our storage space, we are able to securely store the most diverse types of wares and constantly access your current stock of goods. The most important thing is that you always keep an overview and only pay for the area you need. Already starting with one pallet we support you with our storage area and additional fulfillment services.

In the course of the process, we order the goods the way your client has ordered them and take care of the delivery “Just in time”. Of course, a tracking possibility takes part of our service!

In addition to organizing the flow of goods, our service modules include dialogue with your customers. We are available throughout the whole sales process and provide the desired information. This concerns the tracking status as well as possible complaints. We organize returns and pick-ups, exchange the goods, and help your customer to be friendly and helpful.

You decide which service you want to use. From the pure storage of your products to the complete support around your sales – we are flexible!